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Transforming Your Health Weight & Vitality

Hello and welcome,

As women our lives can be very hectic, especially if you are running a home, supporting family and working…which quite often means that we just don’t get much time for our selves.

It is very difficult to find strategies and programs that actually work to support us to stay healthy, understand how we can deal with stress and how we can maintain our natural body weight.  Restrictive diets and punishing exercise never work for the long term, and all the un-natural weight loss gimmicks just consume our money and provide little or no long term results.

This is why I am so passionate about what I do…I am excited about being able to offer women a solution that can make an enormous difference in their lives…and I am honoured that you are here and that you are prepared to look at something different to support your health and wellbeing.

Are you ready to:

  • Improve your health and bring more joy into your life
  • Finally have the right strategies to permanetly conquer weight issues 
  • Have loads more energy to enjoy your time with family
  • Absolutely enjoy what you eat with no guilt or shame
  • Feel confident and happy about your body
  • Put yourself back on your own priority list
  • Understand how you can support your children to have a healthy relationship with food and body

If this is you…I am very excited to invite you to an amazing 9 week workshop that is the perfect solution to help you overcome these challenges and fast track you to finally achieving success with your personal health goals!  

Even though these workshops are only new, they are already transforming the lives of women who have participated.

Here is what Karen had to say after completing the 9-Week Workshop:

The workshop has given me an increased awareness and understanding that has transformed how I think, feel and respect myself.  I now have the power to value myself, love myself and nurture myself. I walked away feeling more empowered, balanced and happy.  It has been a life changing journey for me that is now influencing my children & friends in a positive way…I am so thankful for this experience.  Karen – Ballina

These transformational workshops will allow you to reset your priorities and come away with the knowledge of how you can support yourself to develop a deeper level of self-care, reduce the impact of stress, have a healthier relationship with food, understand how to successfully address weight issues and feel true joy with who you are and how you feel about your body.    

The workshop is ideal for:

  • Teenagers and young women
  • Mums to be
  • Busy Mums (lets face it…that means all mums)
  • Grandmums
  • and…women who want to take a fresh look at how they can improve their eating patterns, digestion, health, weight issues and related health conditions.

If you are here because you are sick of feeling unhealthy and exhausted, want a better way to lose (or gain) weight,  feel healthier and truly want more energy to enjoy life with your family… you have definitely come to the right place.


Transforming Your Health, Weight & Vitality

Week Workshop

This is a 9 week Workshop, where you will be transforming your life through 9 steps to stress free eating, improving your digestion and metabolism, having more energy, loving the ‘real you’ and achieving your ideal body weight. 

Here is a brief outline of what you will be learning through this amazing workshop…


Step 1.Relaxing into better health & weight loss

True Body Connection


   * Your starting point…where are you now

   * Getting real about where you want to be

   * Getting rid of the stress around food

   * Feeling great about what you choose to eat

   * Finding your secret to burning more calories



Step 2. You are worth it

True Body Connection

              *Choosing quality over quantity  

            *Building a wonderful relationship with food

            *Understanding what influences your food choices

            *Learn how to let your body tell you what to eat

            *The truth about willpower, no more stress




Step 3.  Getting your mind on board

True Body Connection
     * Understanding the amazing ‘head phase of digestion’
     * Learning to tune in and trust your appetite 
     * Your secret to never overeating
     * Getting to know the brain in your belly
    * Uncovering the simplest weight loss strategy





Step 4.  Connecting the dots for more energy, better health and weight loss

True Body Connection

     *  Learn how skipping meals sabotages weight loss

     *  Understanding the best times to eat…never feel hungry

     *  Knowing what works best for your body

     *  Getting to know how to feed your mind, body and soul

     *  Knowing the secrets to stop binge eating




Step 5.  Love what you eat…no guilt attached

True Body Connection 

*  Changing your language…no good foods or bad foods

 * How to have pleasure with food…not control

 * Why having more pleasure with food increases your health

 * Learn how to fire up your digestive force

 * Could your relationship with food reflect how you do life



Step 6.  No more beating yourself up

True Body Connection

    *  Learn how your thoughts can affect every part of your life

    *  Understand the power of thought on your digestion

    *  Understanding how to stop those negative thoughts

    *  Learning how to love yourself to your perfect weight

    *  Knowing the best exercise to support your weight loss 




Step 7.  What’s sabotaging your health and weight loss efforts

True Body Connection


*  Linking past experiences with current patterns

*  Learn how rewriting your story can transform your health 

*  Living your future goals now

*  How your core beliefs influence your metabolism

*  Bringing the best ‘you’ to the table for full metabolic power



Step 8.  Celebrating your amazing body and unlimited potential

True Body Connection

     *  How holding un-forgiveness can affect health and weight loss

     *  Getting to know your body from the inside out

     *  Understanding what your body is communicating

     *  Delving into the cure for your metabolic ills

     *  How your true connection can access potent metabolic changes




Step 9.  How far have you come…your journey to better health has been fast tracked 

True Body Connection


*  Reflecting on what you have learnt

*  Recognising the full impact of the changes that have taken place

*  Celebrating your new connection with your body

*  Celebrating the knowledge and confidence you now have to take  

    ownership and responsibility for your health…permanently


These workshops uncover the secrets to how you can transform your health, love the skin your in, have endless energy and lose that extra weight that has been holding you back.. 

I am so glad that you are here and very excited about how these workshops can support you to achieve your health goals. I am extremely proud of the transformation that takes place for ladies of all ages during these workshops and how small simple changes have resulted in an increase of energy levels, feeling healthier and happier about their bodies and gaining a new lease on life. 

Here is your next step…

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get your questions answered 

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Here is what Donna had to say after completing the 9-Week Workshop:

I wish I had done this years ago. The information would have helped me in my life’s journey with more than my relationship with food, but life itself. This should be taught in 1st year of high school, it could help a lot of young teenagers early in life to make better choices and realise problems before they became too hard to deal with. Thanks Kerrie for a great workshop!  Donna -Casino

Where to from here…
You can participate in the workshops either online with ‘one to one’ coaching, where we connect each week and work through simple strategies that you build on each week.  There is also the option of group online workshops, where our group comes together once a week on Skype or a similar platform. Or, if you live in the Gold Coast area, I can let you know where and when the next workshop will be taking place. 
  • Limited Individual Online Workshops currently available
Your next step…
click on the ‘Book Now’ to connect for a call back.
  • I can answer all your questions on this call
  • I can discuss how the workshops are presented
  • You can decide on what workshop format would suit you best
  • We will then connect each week working through simple strategies that you can practise for the following week 
  • You will be learning and practising powerful dynamic eating psychology and mind body nutrition strategies that really do work.
  • Bonus – best selling resource book and personal comprehensive workbook will be included

You will be excited with the changes you will be able to implement into your life that will support your body, your relationship with yourself and your relationship with food.  And, at last you will have the secret to how you can improve your health, your digestion, your metabolism, your relationship with self and body…and return to your optimal weight.    

Are you truly ready to improve your health, love everything you choose to eat, feel good about who you are, have more energy and find your natural body weight? 

Connect with me today

and..start your journey to restoring your optimal health, weight and vitality

Click ‘Book Now’ to register for a call back.

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I cannot wait to support you in your journey to better health and vitality, a stronger metabolism, loving your relationship with food and self, having loads more energy…and finding your secret to your perfect natural body weight…

I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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