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True Body Connection
lose weight and keep it off without diets and harsh exercise
weight loss without diets and harsh exercise

Book a FREE 30 minute discovery consultation and get your 'kick start' to better health.

Welcome to an amazing resource to help you ‘kick start’ your journey to transforming your health and vitality.

Are you looking for a ‘kick start’ that is truly going to work for you, that will actually support you to improve your health and achieve permanent sustainable results?

Would you like to learn how you can support yourself to develop a deeper level of self-care, reduce the impact of stress, have a healthier relationship with food, understand how to successfully address weight issues and feel true joy with who you are and how you feel about your body?

With so many different health & Wellbeing solutions, eating plans, diets and nutritional strategies coming at us from all directions, no wonder we get confused as to what is the best options for us as individuals. We are all so very different, our body responds differently to foods, exercise, stress and the many influences we experience in life. So it actually makes perfect sense that many of the solutions on offer are not going to give everyone the same result, if any result at all.

True Body Connection offers a completely different holistic approach resulting in a healthier happier ‘you’, and takes into account all areas of your life that can affect your health, your digestion & metabolism, your weight, your body image, your self confidence and self love. From this big picture we provide the most effective support and guidance to achieve better health and vitality, reduce the impact of stress, build a stronger metabolism, decrease digestive issues , conquer eating challenges, and connect into your body wisdom to make better choices to successfully reach and sustain your natural body weight.

Restrictive dieting and punishing exercise programs are not the solution to better health and natural sustainable weight loss. Although these strategies have been the main go to for many years, they are just not working… better health, more energy and finding your natural weight will not come from restricting vital nutritients and punishing your body…there is a better way!

Not Just Weight Loss

There can be so many different reasons why your health, your body and your vitality is not where you would like it to be. It may be as simple as changing the way you eat, or the time you eat, or how you start your day. It could be the impact of stress and how this affects your metabolism and ability to digest food. It could be emotional hurts from the past that have been difficult to let go, or it could be the lack of self love and embodiment. We believe that better health, successful sustainable weight loss and a healthy body image will come from a gentler approach, a more holistic approach that takes into consideration your life’s journey up to this point. By understanding the many influences and how these can impact on your body, your metabolism and your health, including the way you think about yourself, it’s then possible to unlock the hidden reasons for weight gain and health related issues. This will then provide your personal key to more energy, better health, a more fulfilling life, more self love and a healthy sustainable weight.

Family Health and Wellbeing Support

One on One Support

True Body Connection offers a very safe platform and genuine individualised support to discover the best solutions that support your goals for better health and vitality, less stress related illness, a more satisfying relationship with food, a more loving relationship with yourself, and a happier more fulfilling life. We do not believe in the one size fits all strategies, your personal health challenges are as individual as you and because of this, your success will come from understanding how your body has responded to all of life’s influences up to this point in time, and developing the right strategies that support your individual circumstances. We provide one on one support through face to face, phone or Skype consultations as well as online group workshops and individual workshops.

More than Weight Loss

This is not just about weight loss, this is about reducing stress, having more energy, more quality time with family, better health and vitality, better relationship with food, more self love, self confidence and self expression and having more joy in your life.

Free 30 Minute Discovery Consultation

We offer a free 30 minute Discovery Consultation where Kerrie can answer questions and discuss your individual challenges, which can provide some insight into why your current strategies are not working. After gathering some details Kerrie will be able to offer suggestions to kick start your new journey to better health, wellbeing and sustainable weight loss.

Click here to Book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Consultation to learn about Mind Body Nutrition strategies that could change your life. Fill in the details, and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to schedule your consultation. This can be via a telephone call, or Skype session, or in our local consultation room.

Kerrie can explain how the one on one support works and discuss further consultations which can make an amazing difference in your life. However, there is no obligation to book further consultations.

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